Grief: Why do I feel so anxious?



Special occasions can be difficult when you have lost a loved one. Grief can manifest itself in many ways and on many occasions. Important anniversaries, birthdays and holidays can cause one's anxiety to increase. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way. In order to work through these tough times you may want to reach out to others and talk about your feelings. Surround your self with people who can help support you through these times. You may also allow yourself the personal time needed to remember your loved one in a special way. Make a plan for yourself as your face these days. Open yourself to the possibility that you may actually find healing and peace through sharing your memories on these important days. When your grieving there is no right and wrong way to feel. If you would like further help, enlist the services of your pastor or a therapist. You may find much comfort in the support and guidance they provide. There is no time limit on grief, so take the steps you feel that are best for you.

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