Bullying-What to do when it happens to your child.

Bullying-What to do when it happens to your child.

Bullying occurs when one child repeatedly picks on another child. It can also occur between groups of children and adolescents. Bullying can be verbal, physical, as well as social. It can happen anywhere- the playground, the classroom or in your very own neighborhood. In addition, bullying can occur on the internet or through mobile devices.

Many parents are confused about what to do when their child is bullied. Here are some tips:

1. Help your child learn how to respond by teaching her/hiim to be assertive and self-confident.

2. Teach your child when and how to ask for help.

3. Encourage your child to make friends with other children..

4. Support activities that interest your child.

5. Alert school officials to the problem and work together on solutions.

6. Make sure an adult who knows about the bullying can watch out for your child's safety and well-being  when you cannot be there.

7. Monitor your child's social media or texting so you can prevent problems before they get out-of-hand.

Most of all, assure your child that he/she is loved and that you will help them through anything.

If your child is having difficulty with bullying, Cornerstone can help! Call us at 513-889-5880.

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