Anger Issues?

Anger Issues?


Anger is a normal feeling that often occurs in reaction to situations that are frustrating or upsetting. There are times, however, when people experience difficulty managing their anger. If anger is affecting your enjoyment of life, your job performance, or your relationship with others, or it makes you act violently towards yourself or other people, you may need to get help to manage your anger.

Here are some tips for Managing Anger:

*Exercise regularly. This can help reduce tension and stress.

*Try using some relaxation techniques such as meditation, soft music, or slow, deep breathing.

*Admit feelings of anger and recognize signs of it so you can take action early.

*When you feel yourself getting angry, leave the situation.

*Avoid drinking, driving or operating machinery when you are angry.

*Talk out your feelings with someone you trust. A counselor at Cornerstone can help you learn to manage your anger effectively.

Having people you can talk with can be extremely helpful when working through feelings of anger.

If you would like more information, please contact Cornerstone at 513-889-5880.

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