Saying Goodbye to Our Family Pet

Saying Goodbye to Our Family Pet

Saying goodbye to the family pet is probably one of the most difficult things we as humans must do. Despite all we try, sometimes it is time to let go and let the beloved part of our family move forward into their heavenly realm. Grief is a process that is experienced in so many different fashions. The loss of a pet has its own unique aspects of grief. One must moved forward embracing the memories and the joys that our "furry" friends have brought to our lives. This past Christmas was the last for my dear "Joy Noel." She was a tried and true companion,friend and family member. Always remember the blessing that our pets bring to our lives and cherish each moment that you share with them. When it is time from them to move on, instead of being left with sadness, remember the "joy" that they have brought to our lives. Their unique spirits will forever live in our hearts.

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