Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

As we welcome a new season, it is a great time to consider doing some Spring cleaning not only in your home but in your heart.

Spring is finally showing its face through melting snow & blooming flowers; and with these a new beginning is taking shape around you.

Although it is just a date on the calendar, the start of Spring offers you an opportunity to clear away the dust that may have settled in your personal life over the Winter months; and allows you the opportunity to sweep up the things that may have weighed you down or masked your joy.

In lieu of this fresh start, here are some tips on how to do some Spring cleaning in your personal life this year!

1. Declutter!

It could be a bad habit, distraction or source of negativity that you have piling up on your shoulders. At their onset, these things may appear small and easy to overlook; but over time they have likely accumulated excessive space and time in your daily life. This cluttered lifestyle can make it difficult for you to function and be productive. So, take some time to remove that clutter from your environment this season so that you are able to develop a clear path forward.


2. Out with the old!

 Dwelling in the past is a common concern for many people. Certain mistakes, wrongdoings or decisions tend to hold you back from finding peace. Hanging on to these things or abandoning forgiveness will leave you with less room in your life for new blessings that are to come. Choose to make room for those by allotting more space in your mind and heart where the past used to live. Out with the old, in with the new! 


 3. Clean out your closet

 Perhaps Winter has left you with some skeletons in your closet. It could be a form of hurt or hardship that you have swept under the rug to cope with at a later date. Open yourself up to those things and don’t be afraid to address the emotions that come along with them. This might mean admitting fault, exercising forgiveness or facing fear or sadness; but it is important to realize that everyone makes mistakes and yours do not have to own your life. Only when you address your faults and feelings are you able to heal and move forward. Clean out the closet and lighten your load!


 4. Wash away your insecurities 

 This time of year offers a great opportunity for you to attack a new goal. If there is something you have hoped to work at or improve upon, use this as your chance to begin that journey. Set yourself up for success by removing the things that will hold you back. Create an environment for yourself that is clean and clear of distraction, and surrounded by sources of support. Believe in your ability to become better & plant something new and fruitful in your life!


Happy Spring!

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