How to Maintain a Summertime State of Mind

How to Maintain a Summertime State of Mind

How to Maintain a Summertime State of Mind

Why is it that we only allow ourselves to take the time to relax during summer? There are twelve months in every year, yet we focus on being healthier and happier for roughly a fourth of that time.

Sure, the summer offers factors that make it easier to achieve these relaxing remedies, such as kids being out of school and improved weather conditions; but there are ways in which to carry our summertime practices through all four seasons.

Take a moment to pretend that July is in fact December. In December millions of people create a list of “resolutions” and “self-improvements” to put into practice for the following year. These goals usually include things like being healthier, eliminating bad habits, or traveling. What if you had that same December mindset today, in July, and created declarations to create a year-round summer state of mind?

This may seem challenging, but Cornerstone has created some thought-starters to help!


Mark your Calendars… for Relaxation

We tend to fill our calendars with meetings, events and obligations. In the spirit of creating a year-round Summer State of Mind, start using your calendar to mark the dates throughout the year that you will use for relaxation or time off.

Whether it is a mental health day away from work, or a weekend getaway, set the dates and write it down! By putting aside that time in advance you will avoid scheduling conflicts. Self-care is crucial to being the strongest, healthiest and happiest person you can be. Do yourself a favor, and schedule your yearly you-time today!


Create a Cookbook…. for year- round Healthy Eating

Healthy food is a lot easier to find in the summertime. There are sales on fresh produce and growing seasons are in their peak. As the year continues we tend to revert to unhealthier habits like overeating or consuming comfort foods.

In preparation for the other seasons, we would encourage you to create a healthy seasonal cookbook. Research ways to cook healthier meals by determining what ingredients are in their peak season during the colder months. Take a cooking class or utilize health tools online. By having a list of go to recipes prepped, you will be more likely to make healthier choices when you do your grocery shopping throughout Fall, Winter and Spring.


Go indoors… for Fitness

Many people take advantage of the pleasant weather during Summer. Biking, running and hiking are all very popular activities. We may find ourselves losing weight or feeling better without even trying! But once the weather turns, we often abandon our exercise routines due to the diminishing conditions outdoors. 

To avoid that shift, take some time to research local gyms or indoor fitness classes so that you have an exercise options for the cooler months.  Classes such as Cycling, Zumba, and Bootcamp are often offered year-round in group settings. Find a friend or family member to invite to your workouts so that you have an accountability partner. You will no longer be able to turn away exercise simply because of the poor weather!


Find time… for Family

As school starts and work picks up, it can be a lot harder to set aside time for family. As we suggested above with marking your calendar for relaxation, you should also mark dates for your family. Family bonding is often unintentionally neglected during the busier seasons, but it is crucial to continue to build and improve your family bonds.

Whether it is a special dinner or a game night… a weekend away or a night at the movies- set aside time where everyone can focus on simply being together. With communication shifting so rapidly, perhaps you set down your phones for an hour each day to simply spend time talking and celebrating each other’s accomplishments. You don’t need a summer vacation to grow as a family. By taking the time to stop and focus on each other, you will maintain a healthy and prosperous relationship with them.

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