Meet Kate Duskey

Hello! I'm Kate and I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory endorsement. I'm the mother of three sweet little girls, lover of the arts, and psychotherapist. I find passion and renewal in the natural world and sciences.

My areas of treatment focus are trauma and personality disorders. I find a special honor in working with survivors, which is why I believe that I joyfully thrive in this setting. I have the utmost respect for those who have survived childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, war, and emotional abuse. Grief is another area that I find to be quite fulfilling to work in. Loss can be a tender wound, which I find dignity in helping my clients heal through.

In my education background, I have studied Health, Education, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Ministry, and Counseling. I graduated with honors from a private Christian University with a double major, Bachelor of Science. I then completed, with honors, a Master of Arts in Counseling from a private Christian graduate school. Currently, I am licensed in the state of Ohio. I am currently the co-investigator in a higher education academic study.

In my past professional background, I have had several exciting and enjoyable experiences, the span of which reaches on a spectrum from intellectual, spiritual, and physical. I wrote an academic column at a prominent university, worked with and volunteered with amazing faculty and staff within university settings, tried my hand at landscaping, and have been a church secretary. Volunteer work is also of the utmost importance in my life. What is more satisfying than humbling yourself at the benefit of something bigger than yourself? Areas I enjoy volunteering in include my daughter's schools, community events, church events, politics, and more!

Kate Duskey, BS, MA, LPCC-S

1900 Fairgrove Avenue (Rt. 4)
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Phone: 513-889-5880
Fax: 513-755-1967

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